Permanent Vacation comes in at Number 5 on AskMen.com's list of top ten comeback albums.

April 7, 2008

Permanent Vacation

Aerosmith, 1987

 Permanent Vacation, Aerosmith - Credit: Geffen Records
After a string of records in the ’70s and ubiquitous classic rock anthems like "Walk This Way" and "Dream On," Aerosmith’s collective star faded badly following their 1980 greatest hits release. If a documentary on the band was filmed during this time it could easily be named Drunk and Drunker, with Toxic Twins Steve Tyler and Joe Perry playing the leads. Between lineup changes, rampant substance abuse and dubious records it looked like they were finished.

Back in action: Capitalizing on their collaboration with Run DMC, the band straightened out and released Permanent Vacation. It went five times platinum and spawned three top 20 singles, setting Aerosmith up for the greatest success of their career and Grammy nods for Pump and Get a Grip. Perhaps more importantly, because with out Permanent Vacation there would be no Get a Grip, the album served as the spark that helped launch the acting career of Alicia Silverstone and Tyler’s daughter Liv Tyler.

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