One Way Street

(Original Album: Aerosmith, 1973)

hey look on yonder, what's that I see
well that old bogus honey coming after me
I thought you told her, I was out of town
I wonder how she knowed I was hangin' around

say, listen babe, don't go wastin' your time
you keep on comin' round you'll hear the same old line
you got a thousand boys, you say you need 'em.
you take what's good for you and I'll take my freedom

well Cause lately, it's been so hard now to make ends meet
And honey, your headin' down a one way street
and I gotta go the other way

I thought I knew her, my cagey lady
how could my sunshine be so damn shady
she'll say she love to talk, a conversation
but I'm the one that makes my situation
this one way city, that I thought I knew

it's such a pity honey that's it for you


there's nothin' over here I never showed ya
I made it pretty clear I'm glad to know ya
you know your brother Spike, he's on the level
but you always lookin' like you mad at the devil
don't say I cop a 'tude, it's all forgotten
it's just you're much too rude your fruits are rotten
you know I work so hard to keep it alive
now all I hear from you is nothin' but jive

lately it's been so hard now to make ends meet
and honey your head's in a one way street
and I really been feelin' like I could be movin' on

hey . . . baby, hey. . .baby
said your heading down a one way street . . .