Joseph Michael Kramer

It was Kramer who named the band in 1973. Kramer briefly attended the Thornton Donovan School. According to the band's autobiography, Walk This Way, Kramer was frequently the one collecting money owed to the group.

His first writing credit with the band was "Pandora's Box" on their second album, Get Your Wings. Of all the members of the band, Kramer has written the fewest songs.

Kramer's son's Jesse also plays drums. He filled in for Joey in 2005 at several Aerosmith shows while Joey was recovering from strained muscles.

Kramer is estranged from wife April Kramer & is currently in divorce proceedings.

During the formation of Aerosmith, it was Joey Kramer who suggested the name "Aerosmith" for the group of young musicians.

Joey currently play DW drums.


  • One of Kramer's ex-girlfriends is the mother of Rob Bourdon, the drummer of the nu metal band Linkin Park. Bourdon took inspiration from Kramer, as he got to see the backstage production behind the scenes when he went to an Aerosmith concert at the age of ten. Kramer gave Rob a kick pedal.
  • Kramer owns part of a car dealership in Plymouth, MA.
  • Kramer was the first person in North America to take delivery of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.
  • As of June 27th, 2007, Kramer has listed a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 on eBay.

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Joey Kramer Quotes

"If we've handled everything up until now, we can do anything."

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