About Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith

Full Name: Thomas William Hamilton


Birthday: December 31, 1951

Place of Birth: Colorado Springs, CO

Siblings: 1 Sister, 1 Brother 

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Keyboards

Bands Prior to Aerosmith: Sam Citrus and the Merciless Tangerine, Pipedream, Plastic Glass and The Jam Band

Favorite Aerosmith Song: The Farm

Favorite Places: Home and Paris

Favorite Food: Anything Fried

Favorite Car: Ferrari 275 GTB 

Favorite TV Show: Movies at the Swedish Hotel

Favorite Movie: Bladerunner

Favorite Book: "The Arms of Krupp" by William Manchester

Most Prized Possession: 1974 Ferrari Dino

Favorite Sport: Tennis



courtesy: AeroForceOne


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Tom Hamilton Quotes

"Steven and Joe had an argument the first night about Joe playing too loud, and so began an Aerosmith tradition."
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