The Music Still Does the Talking (1999)


1 Let the Music do the Talking
2 Conflict of Interest
3 Discount Dogs
4 Shooting Star
5 Break Song
6 Rockin' Train
7 Life at a Glance
8 Bone to Bone
9 East Coast, Left Coast
10 I've Got the Rock'N'Rolls Again
11 No Substitute for Arrogance
12 Buzz Buzz
13 Soldier of Fortune
14 South Station Blues
15 Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker
16 Black Velvet Pants
17 King of the Kings
18 Bang a Gong
19 Walk With me Sally
20 Never Wanna Stop

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Joe Perry Quotes

"The Beatles made their White Album; we made our black-out album."
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