Life at a Glance

Driving down the mass. pike 4 a.m.
Blue lights on behind its my friend again
Scenery rushing by me I dont see anything
Headlong life is blinding you gonna find out in the end

Life at a glance
Your minds in a trance
Life at a glance
Your lifes just a chance
Life at a glance
Itll break your heart

Well Im sitting here waiting for a change of heart
And it feels just like my car wont start
My hands are full of broken glass
My wasted time is in my past


Time has come for you and me
To use what really sets us free
Well try on wings of thoughts and dreams
And run through times of rhymes and schemes


Someday I know well live the dreams we left so far behind
Youll never know unless you try to see whats yours and mine


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