This walkthrough was obtainted from another great Aerosmith site: Rock This Way

Level 1: Club X, Los Angeles, November 11, 1996

 You begin the level flying beside a NON helicopter. Shoot the NON helicopter to score some points before arriving at Club X (guns, missle launchers, armor, etc.) When you arrive on the roof of Club X, blast a CD into the green glass roof windows to quickly grab the gold CDs inside of them. Proceed by shooting the NON Boys that appear all over the place. You can make a NON Boy fall off the roof by shooting them in the lower region of their body. You will then glide down to a brick wall in front of the club. Shoot the cat for extra points. Bust the SkateTrooper that comes through the wall with a CD. After passing through the fence, you will be given the option of going 'Left', 'Right', or 'In'. Going 'Left' or 'Right' brings you over to the corresponding sides of the building to shoot more NON Boys before entering Club X. Choosing 'In' brings you directly inside to the ticket windows. Shoot the SkateTrooper and the NON Boys. Then you can go either 'Left' or 'Right' to enter the Lounge area of the club. Shoot the phone on the wall and it will spill out coins before you go through the doors into the lounge area. Inside the lounge, free the cage dancers (hostages) by shooting at the locks on the sides of the cage. You'll know you have destroyed a lock on the cage when you see a flash AND hear a 'boom' sound. An easy way to do this is to shoot the lock (with the gun) until it starts flashing then peg it with a CD. As you go through the aisles, shoot each table with a CD to prevent a NON Boy from taking easy shots at you. You then enter the stage area, where Aerosmith is performing on stage. NON Boys pop up from behind the seats to shoot at you. If you shoot the first seat in a row as you pass it, it will flash and you will start down that row. One CD will destroy all the seats in that row and prevent more NON Boys from popping up from behind that row again. When you reach the stage area, if you haven't destroyed the tank, it will pull in again shooting at you. Take out the NON Boys, gun turrets, and missile launchers first. After/if you defeat the vehicle, you go up on stage, and see Aerosmith being abducted by some NON Boys. Helga pops in and and says "Stop this nonsense now, if you don't want to deal with me!" You then climb a rope ladder to the catwalk where you fight your way into Aerosmith's dressing room. Shoot some more NON Boys and try to destroy everything in the room before the tape plays for more damage points. Steven Tyler will tell you that they have been abducted, and that you must rescue them.

Steven Tyler - "If you're watching this then they've taken over. It's up to you now. Find our car and stop the New Order." (He gives you the keys to his car, and reminds you...) "Remember, Music is the Weaponª." You then blast three more NON boys and exit through the roof.

Ending Sequence:
The Club is history. Time to stop the New Order.

Music: "Eat the Rich" off of "Get A Grip"

ARMORED TANK: Take out the NON Boys, turrets and missile launchers first. Use the Skull Bomb behind the wooden panel on the right side of the entrance of Club X. You must shoot the wooden panel with a CD to reveal the Skull Bomb. Then shoot the missle launcher in the center with a few CDs to destroy it. If you don't finish off the armored tank before it exits the screen at the beginning, shoot the gold columns with a couple CDs in front of the stage when it reappears. It will fall and have the same effect as a Skull Bomb and will give you a final chance to finish it off.

Private NON Boy Dance Party. Shoot the cat on the wall until it dies to be able to access a secret area. When you shoot the cat it will quickly gain speed and change directions, so it's good to have one player on both sides of the fence to bounce the cat back and forth. Then when the game prompts you to either go 'left', 'right', or enter the club, choose 'right'. It is possible to enter the room by going 'left' too. Choosing 'left' also allows you to grab the TWO Energy Shakes behind the two wooden panels behind them. You'll need to shoot them with a CD to reveal them. But to enter the room, you will see a closed window on the second floor of the club. Shatter the closed window to crash the private NON Boy dance party! Shoot the door in the background to go through and enter a bathroom to score a few more points. (It appears that it doesn't matter if you go to the correct bathroom to get Hamiliton at this point : |, you still need to enter through the main entrance of the club to get him.)

Here is a fun thing to do. When you are in the club stage, in the restrooms, shoot the guys that are in the stalls so that they are dead while on the toilet. Now shoot the toilet with a cd to blow it up and you will blow up the guy too. Guess what spurts out of the toilet? RED BLOOD. Normally it is just plain water but doing this turns it red. Cool huh?

TROG! To see one of the Cavemen from the Pac-Man-esque retro game, you MUST destroy the black cat. After having doing so, you'll notice a palm tree behind the brick wall. Quickly blast the palm tree with a CD. If you are successful, Trog will pop out of the tree and waddle his way across the brick wall. He will gain speed back and forth like the cat. If you shoot him a certain amount of times, you will have access to yet another hidden area in the game. The location of this area is as yet unknown :(

Shoot the boarded up windows with your gun to soften them up, then bust a CD to completely break them. Most likely, you'll find goodies behind them (shakes, CDs, etc.). After going through the fence, you'll see one of these panels on the upper right part of the building at the entrance. Wait until the armored vehicle moves partly across the screen. When about a quarter of the vehicle is revealed, hit the boarded up window with a CD. A 'Skull Bomb' will be revealed behind it. Shoot the 'Skull Bomb' and it will pretty much decimate the vehicle, making it very easy to destroy. Shoot the lid of the missle launcher located in the lower-center of the armored tank to finish it off.

Shoot the Club-X signs with your gun until they blow up and you will receive 5,000 points. After doing this, shoot the blown up sign with a CD and you will receive an additional 25,000 points!

25,000 point trick. When you enter the club there will be 3 ticket windows in the background. A NON Boy will pop out behind each window and shoot at you. Shoot each NON Boy with your machine gun through the BOTTOM HALF of the window to kill them. They will burst through the top half of the window and break the glass, giving you 25,000 points. Normally you would only get a meager 500 points for breaking the glass.

To get Tom Hamilton:

You must visit the correct bathroom in Club X in the beginning. To determine which bathroom Tom will be in (men's/women's), make a note of which direction ('left' or 'right') you go when you are on the roof of Club X at the very beginning of the game. If you go to the 'right' side of the rooftop, choose 'right' when it asks you which direction to go at the 'Ticket Window' of the club, and vice versa if you go 'left'. Yes, sometimes he's in the the ladies room! : ) After choosing the correction direction, you will see a figure of a man/woman for the restroom on the wall above 2 telephones. You must quickly shoot this sign! Instead of going directly into the lounge area, you'll keep going and enter the chosen restroom. Here you can shoot the sinks, dryers, soap (pink goo goes flying all over), toilets, etc. In one of the stalls, you'll find Tom 'tapping a kidney'. Shoot him to get a wing. You then leave the bathroom the way you came in and to enter the lounge.

10,000 point trick. When in the restrooms, shoot the toilet rolls with your gun. The toilet roll will bounce in the air. When it is in the air, shoot the toilet roll again with your gun. This time the toilet roll will explode and paper will fly everywhere. You will then be awarded 10,000 points. The same can be done with the little ring that pops out of the hand-dryer when you shoot it. Repeatative shots on the ring 'juggles' the ring in the air and awards you multiplied points with each hit (ie. 1,000 pts., 2,000 pts., etc.)

When you enter the bar area you will walk left and right through it. At the edges you will walk forward. As you do this, you will see a guitar on the ceiling flash. If you dont hit it, you keep going forward. If you shoot it, you'll go back to the other side of the bar.

The lava lamps in the Club X bar hide goodies! The ones in the front hold shields, the ones in back hold 2 gold CD's behind each one.

To get Steven Tyler:
Wait until you are fairly near the back end of the bar. Notice the middle area, you'll see a gold mirror below two stuffed marlins (fish). You need to shoot each marlin with a CD first and then shatter the gold mirror IN THAT ORDER. If all this is done when you are at the very back of the lounge, the trick will not work! If you are successful, you will enter an unlit room behind the mirror. The screen is now very dark and NON boys appear out of nowhere and shoot at you. Look to the right of your screen and you'll see something glowing in the darkness. It's a light switch, shoot it and the lights come on revealing a couple of NON Boys shooting you and a rope ladder. After shooting the NON Boys you'll go up and face a curtain which will part to reveal: ta-da...Steven Tyler making out with a fine babe! Shoot him to get a 'wing'. You'll now travel over the theatre on a catwalk. Shoot the NON Boys and shoot each spotlight with a CD for 1,000pts. each (you'll even hear them hit the ground below if you listen carefully, cool effect!) You'll then end up at the dressing room scene. You do not get to see Aerosmith dragged away but it's essential to take this path in order to party with the band later.

Level 2: Commandeer the New Order chopper fo find Aerosmith's car

In this level, you start out by stealing a NON Helicopter to get you to Aerosmith's car. At the beginning of the level, shoot the boxes at the bottom of the screen and load up on CDs. Most of the level involves flying by buildings and shooting at the helicopter when it comes into view. Various NON Boys shoot at you from windows and rooftops. Just nail the 'copter whenever you see it, break as many windows as possible, shoot the trees and load up on CDs for the final showdown at the end of the level.

NON HELICOPTER: Shoot the missile launchers and machine guns out first. It is much easier to kill when you you're not getting pelted.

Ending Sequence:
Aerosmiths' car...COOL!
Steven Tyler - "Looks like you made it. Where you go now is up to you."

Shoot out all the windows you can, items like CDs and Energy Shakes will appear. Shoot them again to get the powerup.

Note: You should visit the Pacific Rim stage first so that you can load up with CDs and stuff from the boxes in the warehouse.

Pacific Rim Level:

Brad Whitford - "Destroy KemmyTech, it's a front for the New Order!" Mass production, mass destruction!

You are in the KemmyTech, Inc. (KTI) factory/warehouse. You must make it through the crate maze, and then proceed up to the main office, where you will confront a YellowJacket with a fully armed Transforming desk. Shoot the billboards, crates, light fixtures and enemies for massive points! At the beginning, shoot the billboard in front of you to reveal a few crates behind it. The top or bottom middle crate contains a Super Gun, "What a way to start the level!" After going through the first doorway, destroy the entire computer and cameras to avoid additional NON Ninjas and NON Boys in the cratemaze area.

When you enter the Crate Maze Area, swarms of Non Boys shoot at you and cartwheeling NonNinjas throw 'stars' at you. Take as many down as possible. In the middle of the maze behind 'Gate 9' is a map showing the layout of the maze, and the location of Brad Whitford.

When you get past the maze, and start heading upwards, shoot the columns and platforms with CDs to reveal extra CDs and points! When you reach the top, finish off the numerous NON Ninjas and NON Boys and enter the manager's Office. [R&D area not yet implemented]

Ending Sequence:
The New Order's days of mass production are over!

TRANSFORMER. Take out the 2 side machine guns first, this will make things much easier thereafter. The whole boss consists of three missle launchers, 2 machine guns, and a few armored segments. Once the guns are gone it is easy to take out the missles without getting hit. Only one missle launcher opens at a time, simply shoot all the missles inside of it before they launch at you. When a missle launcher opens up, try to shoot each missle before it is launched. A voice will say "You duh man!" if you are successful. When you hear this, it willallow the other missle launchers to be damaged even when they are closed. Be sure to break the windows behind the boss for added damage points.

The Map room. Shoot through 'Gate 9' and there will be 9 crates. Shoot ALL the crates and they will dissappear revealing a wall with a map of the stage on it.

Continue through the stage until you get to 'Gate 6'. Proceed to the 'right' to get to 'Gate 7'. To the right of 'Gate 7' there are 3 boxes. Shoot the top box once to reveal a sign, then shoot the sign. An arrow will drop down. Quickly shoot the arrow to go right. You will go down a passage to blow up oncoming forklifts. Brad Whitford will be lounging playing a guitar in a forklift. Shoot him to get the 'wings'. Don't forget to shoot the red warning lights lining the top of the passageway for added points.

Amazon level:

Joe Perry - "These guys are maggots, they're putting chemicals in all our food!"
Evergreen chemicals is hiding something. You've got to find out what!

You start off this level crossing a bridge and entering the jungle. Shoot the cameras at the front entrance. In the dense jungle of the Amazon, NON Natives pop out of bushes and trees and throw spears at you. Watch out for these! It is a good idea to have one player concentrate on picking off the flying spears, if you are playing with three people. From the jungle you will see a few temples, where you have to more NON Boys to get to the food laboratory area. When enter the main temple, you will be confronted by bartender tossing grenades at you! You must shoot the bars holding up the sign above him. Completely dropping the sign down on him allows you to progress down the hall to destroy more NON Boys. You will then confront a Green Slime Skull semi-boss and will bounce eyeballs at you. Fend off the eyeballs and blast CDs at the Skull. You may choose to go either 'left' or 'right' to blast yet a few more NON Enemies before entering the processing area. When you enter the processing area, you'll find EverDrones carrying boxes and using machinery to process 'Clown Foods.' Shooting 'Clown Foods' boxes and blasting the walls with CDs will reveal extra CDs. At the end of the level, a second Slime Skull will pop out of a pool of goo. Destroy this Skull the same way you killed the first one. Then the Stage Boss (a giant centipede with an attitude) will jump out of the wall and into the pool, where it will follow you until you are out of the Amazon complex. When vacating the Amazon Jungle with the giant centipede boss chasing after you, it can damaged when it strikes at you. You'll know when it is about to strike when it 'rattles' at you. When you hear it 'rattle' shoot it with a CD. Be sure to blast any undamaged machinery, items, etc. that you hadn't on the way in also.

BARTENDER: Shoot the sign above him until it falls on him (Shoot the bars holding it up).

SLIME SKULL: Peg him in the face with CDs and shoot the eyeballs until he drops.

'ADAM ANT' CENTIPEDE: Shoot out the bridge supports of the bridge that it is standing on. As soon as you back out of the very front gate, start shooting at the first two bridge posts you see. You may wait until you cross the bridge and destroy the front posts but it is much faster if you take out the ones you see at first (back). If you do it right, the ant will come through the door just as you destroy the second post and he'll fall down right away.

Ending Sequence:
No more mind control by the New Order!

Bug Temple. When you enter the outskirts of the city you 'scan' up and down a building with many holes in it. The holes have eyes in them which shoot at you. If you destroy all the holes with the red eyes in them, the door in the center will open and you'll enter a secret area. There you free women for points and get boxes filled with CDs.

The Elevator. There is an elevator button behind the first appearance of the Green Slime Skull. Quickly shooting this button will allow you to ride it up to the 2nd, 3rd, and back down to the 1st floors. On the 3rd floor are a few hostages and the entrance to get Joe Perry. On the 2nd floor of the elevator, keep shooting the soda machine until you see a purple diamond come out towards you. This diamond will allow you to access a couple hidden rooms to free hostages and grab a few more CDs. After you exit the elevator and return to level 1, eitherside of the elevator has passageway with a little bug head above them 'Sector 2' and 'Sector 3', shoot the first bug head above the archway to go down the hall and then be sure to shoot the second bug head at the end of the passageway to access the hidden rooms.

To get Joe Perry:
On the 3rd floor, shoot the grate with a couple of CDs until it blasts open. You will travel through the opening and will see Joe Perry blazing on his guitar across the sky. Shoot to get his 'wings'.

Blast Off! When you enter the part with the guys carrying the clown boxes. Shoot their jetpacks (some don't have jetpacks) with your gun. It will make them blast off and shoot straight out of the screen. Hilarious!!

Inside the Laboratory, there is a machine which transforms the women into EverDrones. If you pummel this machine with CDs 'til it blows apart, you'll reach another secret room through a door that will open. More women to set free and extra CDs are ready for the taking. Make sure to shoot ALL components of the machine before you move away. Shoot it all up!

Middle East level:

Joey Kramer - "Stop the New Order bus!"
The New Order is busing kids to be re-programmed! Don't let them do it! Stop them!

The New Order is shipping kids with their bus to be brainwashed, you have to destroy the bus to stop them! This whole level is just trying to destroy the bus before it reaches the youth camp. There are two buttons at the top of the screen, Speed Up and Speed Down. You should keep it slow, as it will take longer to get to the camp, giving you more time, and the bus will slow down by itself if it gets ahead of you. Focus upon freeing the hostages, YellowJackets, SkateTroopers and palm trees that pass by. Near the end of the trip, you will pass the two pickups from the cover of "Pump." Joey Kramer is in the foreground trying to hitch a ride. If you see the signs for the Youth Camp and you still haven't destroyed the bus, you'd better pour it on, because you don't have much time left!

Ending Sequence:
School's out! Forever!

THE MAGIC SHOOL BUS: You must make sure you hit every flashing part on the bus (ie: anything that is not destroyed yet, flashes when you hit it. The thing most people miss is the window frames and bars.) With 2 or more players, a good system is for one person to take care of the Speed Down, and the other to take care of the Speed up. If the bus goes to the right of you, 'Speed Up' and vice versa if it goes left.

To get Joey Kramer:
You have to shoot 3 things. In the background there are 3 Sphinxs. Shoot the nose of each one with a CD. The mouth will drop down revealing a Gold CD and giving you 10,000 points. Be sure to get the Gold CD from ALL 3 Sphinxs. Joey Kramer will be shortly after the third Sphinx (when the meter gets between the 'G' and the 'O'). The screen will automatically stop and allow you to pick up Joey Kramer.

Rescuing the babes. Shoot the tip of the sledge hammers that the hostages are using to smash the guitars. You have to shoot the tip of the hammer when it hits the guitar. Hostage - "Thank You!" "My hero!" "You're the best!"

Wembly Stadium

Tom Hamilton - "Tear down the Wall!"

You are off to Wembly Stadium to attend the Aerosmith concert. On stage is a wall of TVs, and a line of your favorite NON baddies to keep you occupied. It takes 2 CDs to destroy a TV. Occasionally Helga will pop up on a TV to taunt you. It is a good idea to blast each television set with one CD and then wait until her head pops onto a screen where you can simply shoot one CD into the set to get a gold CD. Be sure to destroy as many NON enemies on the stage and speakers for added points at the end of the stage. After you destroy the Wall, you confront Helga for the final battle! I hope you have plenty of tokens/quarters! Even with three people playing it takes a while to beat Helga/Mondor.

Winning music: "Walk This Way"

HELGA: She has a real bitch of a machine gun that causes mass damage on you. Blast her back with a couple of CDs. When she reaches the far end of the stage, allow her to cartwheel infront of the throne by merely shooting her with your gun. When she is lined up against the throne, blast her back onto the throne. When she sits her pretty little ass down, she will transform herself into Mondor!

MONDOR: Grab the various power ups that appear in the crates and keep shooting Mondor! The primary parts to destroy are the chest and head area of Mondor. The rest are secondary.


Congratulations! You have defeated the New Order! The Youth all around the world are free to pursue their pleasures! You will go down in history as the ones who started the Revolution!

*'Man you were almost there' ending...
But... you will not be known as the ones who partied with Aerosmith! Why? Because you didn't find all of the members of Aerosmith hidden throughout the game!

*'Happy Happy Joy Joy' ending...
Now... it's time to get the real party started! Midway presents, the world's greatest rock 'n roll band, Aeromsmith!

You get to see Aerosmith perform on stage for a little bit then you move behind the stage area and end up in very ornately decorated hallway. Time to get those Mammy Awards! There will be some sitting on the ground, but most of them are revealed by shooting columns, the ceiling, the walls, everything! These add up to big points, so snag as many as you can!

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