Joe Perry's solo album will be released on May 3, 2005

April 28, 2005

Joe Perry's solo album will be released on May 3, 2005. It marks the first time since 1984 that Perry has released an album outside of Aerosmith. He will support the album with a tour to follow (members of the band that will tour with him have yet to be announced). Aerosmith will pick up where they left off next fall as they will either hit the road, or go back into the studio. Come back to hear the latest on any new developments.

Joe Perry

1. "Shakin' My Cage"
2. "Hold On Me"
3. "Pray For Me"
4. "Can't Compare"
5. "Lonely"
6. "Crystal Ship"
7. "Talk Talkin'"
8. "Push Comes To Shove"
9. "Twilight"
10. "Ten Years"
11. "Vigilante Man"
12. "Dying To Be Free"
13. "Mercy"

Recorded at the Boneyard--Perry's basement home studio in Boston--Joe Perry achieves a smoldering intensity via Perry's signature guitar riffs and unmistakable deep vocals. The album's 13 tracks include 11 new Joe Perry original compositions as well as covers of the Doors' "The Crystal Ship" and Woody Guthrie's "Vigilante Man." "It didn't occur to me to put this record out until Aerosmith decided to take a year off," says Joe about his new album, which opens with the album's first focus track, "Shakin' My Cage." Joe Perry showcases Joe's vocals on songs like "Push Comes To Shove" and "Dying To Be Free" and his musical chops on instrumentals like "Mercy" and "Twilight." "It's as honest a record as you're gonna get," says Joe Perry, revealing the nature of this true solo work. In fact, Joe sings all the vocals and plays all the guitars, bass and keyboard parts on Joe Perry. Perry also produced the album, which was co-produced by Paul Caruso, who recorded and engineered the disc and played drums throughout. Don't look for a who's who list of guest players here, except for a friend who teaches at the Berklee School of Music--"an old-school analog synth guy, Chris Noise, who plays the string part on one ballad, 'Ten Years,'" says Joe Perry. "Seems like these days that when people go off and do a solo record, it's more the norm to bring in a bunch of all-star friends, but I already have the amazing fortune to play with one of the best singers in the world and the hardest rocking band on the planet," Joe offers, "but also, the way these songs developed from the demos, they already had the sound I was looking for. And it was a refreshing challenge to work this way."

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