Lover Alot and What Could Of Been Love Released

by: Matthew Wilkening
‘Lover Alot,’ one of two new songs released simultaneously today from Aerosmith‘s upcoming album ‘Music from Another Dimension,’ proves the band can still deliver stripped-down rock with the best of their peers.

Along with the previously released ‘Legendary Child,’  this upbeat number proves Aerosmith is serious about making a return to the more straight-ahead sound of their ’70s heyday. Considering the over-stuffed and glossy nature of much of their last original studio album, 2001′s ‘Just Push Play,’ this is great news.

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Lover Alot - Single - Aerosmith

by: Billy Dukes
If you want more guitars, more ‘Legendary Child,’ more of the much-hyped Jack Douglas sound of Aerosmith‘s rockin’ ’70s, then their new single is not going to satisfy. You might be better off checking out the band’s other new song, ‘Lover Alot,’ instead.

‘What Could Have Been Love’ is the AC radio hit the group needs to reach a wide audience and sell a ton of copies of ‘Music From Another Dimension‘ on Nov. 6.

Not surprisingly, Douglas didn’t produce this power-ballad. The honor goes to longtime friend and collaborator Marti Frederiksen, who also co-wrote the song along with Steven Tyler and keyboardist Russ Irwin (Frederiksen also helped write ‘Jaded’ from the ‘Just Push Play’ album).

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What Could Have Been Love - Single - Aerosmith

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