Done With Mirrors | Released: 1985 | Geffen Records | Gold |
Done With Mirrors: Tour Dates 1985-1986

1)  Let the Music do the Talking
2)  My Fist Your Face
3)  Shame on You
4)  The Reason a Dog
5)  Shela
6)  Gypsy Boots
7)  She's on Fire
8)  The Hop
9)  Darkness

After starting off the '80s on the wrong foot because of personnel defections, changing music trends, and various personal and business problems, the original Aerosmith line-up reunited for 1985's DONE WITH MIRRORS. Produced by Van Halen/Montrose knob-twirler Ted Templeman, MIRRORS is a bare-bones Aerosmith record that was the last the band recorded without the benefit of outside songwriters.

The results range from the rhythmically slinky "Shela" to the funky boogie of "The Hop." Elsewhere, songs such as the hard-hitting "My Fist Your Face" and the slide guitar-drenched "She's on Fire" show the band was able to shake the rust off after almost six years apart. The truest sign that the spark of classic Aerosmith still burned deep is a cover of "Let the Music Do the Talking." Originally recorded by the Joe Perry Project, this interpretation is a runaway train of pounding rhythms, screaming guitars, and Steven Tyler's fiery harp blowing and a jive-talking delivery.

Steven Tyler (vocals, harmonica, piano);
Joe Perry (guitar, background vocals);
Brad Whitford (guitar);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Recorded at Fantasy Recording, Berkley, California;
Can-Am Recorders, Tarzana, California;
The Power Station, New York, New York.

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1985 The Billboard 200 36

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1985 "Let The Music do the Talking" Mainstream Rock Tracks 18
1985 "Shela" Mainstream Rock Tracks 20


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