Toys in the Attic | Released: 1975 | Columbia Records | 8 x Platinum |
Toys in the Attic: Tour Dates 1975

1)  Toys in the Attic
2)  Uncle Salty
3)  Adams Apple
4)  Walk this Way
5)  Big Ten Inch (Record)
6)  Sweet Emotion
7)  No More No More
8)  Round and Round
9)  You See Me Crying

A truly inventive Aerosmith album, still suffused with a gloriously raspy sense of the blues, but quietly evocative in its timbre and approach. It showed Tyler working out lyrics that were so much more than simple cars and girls fodder, 'Adam's Apple' theorizing that creation could quite possibly have occurred with an alien mothership landing on earth and setting the wheels of the human race in motion. 'Sweet Emotion' throbbed slowly into life, 'Big Ten Inch Record', a salty R&B work-out, while 'You See Me Crying' was heightened and given body by a warm orchestration. A clear steeple of great work amid a skyline of repeating successes.

Recorded at the Record Plant, New York.

Steven Tyler (vocals, harmonica);
Joe Perry (guitars);
Brad Whitford (guitars);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Additional personnel includes:
Scott Cushnie

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1975 Pop Albums 11

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1975 "Sweet Emotion" Pop Singles 36
1977 "Walk This Way" Pop Singles 10
1991 "Sweet Emotion" Mainstream Rock Tracks 36

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