Live Bootleg | Released: 1978 | Columbia Records | Platinum |
Live Bootleg: Tour Dates 1978-1979

Recorded live between 1973 and 1978.

1)  Back in the Saddle
2)  Sweet Emotion
3)  Lord of the Thighs
4)  Toys in the Attic
5)  Last Child
6)  Come Together
7)  Walk this Way
8)  Sick as a Dog
9)  Dream On
10)  Chip Away the Stone
11)  Sight for Sore Eyes
12)  Mama Kin
13)  SOS (Too bad)
14)  I Ain't Got You
15)  Mother Popcorn
  **)  Draw the Line
16)  Train Kept A Rollin'

* unlisted track


Aerosmith developed a reputation as one of the fiercest live acts thanks to a grueling tour schedule. Inspired by the countless unauthorized live recordings circulating at the time, the band put out LIVE: BOOTLEG, a collection of performances recorded between 1977 and 1978, in addition to a pair of early cuts from a 1973 WBCN simulcast.

Unlike many live albums that of this time period that were overdubbed and doctored, BOOTLEG is Aerosmith at its rawest. "Back in the Saddle" and "Toys in the Attic" contain plenty of ragged guitar playing. Despite the sub-par sound quality, the tracks triumph nonetheless thanks to the primal vibe generated by the band's chemistry. Yes, hits like "Walk This Way" and "Dream On" are included, but the true gems are oft-overlooked nuggets like "Chip Away the Stone," "Mama Kin," and an uncredited "Draw the Line" that overflow with Aerosmith's trademark sass and attitude. James Brown's "Mother Popcorn" and the blues classic "I Ain't Got You" (originally done by the Yardbirds), not only show the band's range, but its love of black music.

Location of Recordings:

"Back in the Saddle" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)
"Sweet Emotion" (Chicago, IL, 24 March 1978)
"Lord of the Thighs" (Chicago, IL, 23 March 1978)
"Toys in the Attic" (Boston, MA, 28 March 1978)
"Last Child" (The Paradise Club, Boston, MA, 9 August 1978)
"Come Together" (The Wherehouse, Waltham, MA, 21 August 1978)
"Walk This Way" (Detroit, MI, 2 April 1978)
"Sick as a Dog" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)
"Dream On" (Louisville, KY, 3 July 1977)
"Chip Away the Stone" (The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, 8 April 1978)
"Sight for Sore Eyes" (Columbus, OH, 24 March 1978)
"Mama Kin" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)
"S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (Indianapolis, IN, 4 July 1977)
"I Ain't Got You" (Paul's Mall, Boston, MA, 23 April 1973; WBCN-FM radio simulcast)
"Mother Popcorn/Draw the Line" (Paul's Mall, Boston, MA, 23 April 1973; WBCN-FM radio simulcast / Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA, March 26, 1978)
"Train Kept A-Rollin'/Strangers in the Night" (Detroit, MI, 2 April 1978)


Steven Tyler (vocals, piano);
Joe Perry, Brad Whitford (guitar);
Tom Hamilton (bass);
Joey Kramer (drums)

Additional personnel:
David Woodford (saxophone);
Mark Radice (keyboards, background vocals)

Lee DeCarlo, Jack Douglas, Jay Messina.

Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1979 Pop Albums 13

Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1978 "Come Together" Pop Singles 23
1979 "Chip Away The Stone" Pop Singles 77


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